"My firm conviction is to subordinate the camerawork to the story."

During my assistant and focus puller time I was very lucky to work with interesting DoPs like Ekkehart Pollack, Anthony Dod Mantle, Bella Halben, Peter Krause, Pancho Alcaide, Peter Meyer and many more. They each have their individual style and they all taught me how it is possible – if you have an idea, a book or a story – to implement it into a feature movie or a great commercial, without losing sight of the important details that are necessary to achieve this goal. Most importantly, you should not lose sight of the story, and exactly this insight influences the lighting and the camera movement in every scene, which are essential requirements to produce extraordinary moving images. I simply enjoy working with people. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting a documentation with a tiny team, a detailed packshot for a commercial, where I need to be patient and precise with the lighting, or if I am operating at a feature film set with 35 crew members.

Another ‘thrilling fact’ about me: I really like the element water. No matter what. Offshore, onshore, underwater and above. Sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to combine my personal with my professional passion. I truly love the job variety – and always enjoy a little joke on the side.

I´m working as DOP beside camera operating on all available formats (such as 35mm, 16mm and HD-Video)

started to work as a camera and uw camera operator

1997 - 2001

1st assistant camera for TVC´s, and TV / feature films

Trainee at film camera rental house

Freelance Assistant camera and operator for ENG /EFP at several broadcasting television stations

1993 - 1995

Trainee at NDR broadcasting station in Hannover

1990 - 1993

Trainee at Atlantik film laboratory in Hamburg

school leaving examination in Lüneburg